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Fence Care

Now that your beautiful fence has been installed, here are a few FencePro tips and tricks to keep your fence looking great!

  1. Lightly power wash fence in a fanning motion, not leaving the nozzle in one motion, as it will gauge wood and ruin the layer. 

  2. Apply oxalic acid (wood bleach) mix with warm water. Please note oxalic acid needs to be used with warm water otherwise it will not work. Spray on with an inexpensive pump garden sprayer. 

  3. Follow directions on the product container. Triple rinse fence and let dry 1-2 days. 

  4. Then apply stained liberally. Apply stain with either pump roller or pump sprayer and brush out to eliminate any runs. 

  5. Follow the application that is recommended on containers. Staining normally lasts 3-5 years. 

  6. We prefer oil-based stains, but you can use water-based paint too. We highly recommend Gray’s Paint in Burlingame. They are extremely well trained in their store products and won’t disappoint. 



Special note: 

  • We recommend applying a stain immediately to slow down the aging process. (helps eliminate split checking and many other things that happen on treated wood.)

Warning: if you are using oil-based stained, submerged any rags or tarps in water as they can spontaneously combust. This included tarps/anything cloth, or plastic tarps. 

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