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  1. Foreman to introduce themselves 

  2. Go over the fence, start and finish location too

  3. Foreman will lay out where the posts will go and go over the end post location then make sure it’s the proper location

  4. Dig holes and set the posts

  5. After, the foreman will put out a string line to show the maximum height for the client to confirm or adjust.

  6. The crew will frame the fence up to get approximately shape and location for approval before installation of fence boards and topping if applicable (i.e, lattice, piano key).

  7. The crew will then make sure the job is completely cleaned up. Ask the client to do a final walk-through. 

  8. Most important item of the day: please walk the job in detail with the job foreman and submit final payment.


If there is anything not consistent with the contract, please have the foreman fix/adjust it then, as we may not have someone come out right away due to our tight schedule. We have a limited number of trucks and foremen. It costs about $400 a day to send someone out. The client should not worry about the foreman working late since we may not be able to come out the following day. 



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